Previous Speakers


  • Morris Dees, Wednesday September 14, 7pm, Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts
    • Title of Talk: With Justice for All 
  • Timothy DeChristopher, Monday October 20, 2014, Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts
    • Title of Talk: A Movement with Soul
  • Mary Fances Berry, Monday March 23, 2014, 7pm, Schaefer Cetner for the Performing Arts
    • Title of Talk: Whatever to the Civil Rigts Movement?



  • Andrew Solomon, Thursday, October 10, 7 pm, Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts
    • Title of Talk: Far From the Tree: Parents, Children & and the Search for Identity.
  • Soledad O'Brien, Tuesday, January 21, 7 pm, Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts
    • Co-sponsored by the Multicultural Center as part of the university's celebration of Martin Luther King Day.
    • Title of Talk: An Evening with Soledad O'Brien


Joint Sponsorship with the Morgan Lectures in the Sciences

  • Michael Mann, Thursday, March 21st, 8 pm, Blue Ridge Ballroom, Plemmons Student Union
    • Title of Talk: The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars
  • Harold McGee, Wednesday, April 24th, 7 pm, I.G. Greer Auditorium
    • Title of Talk: The Chemistry of Food and Cooking


Theme: Borders and Bridges: What Divides Us, What Unites Us

  • Reza Aslan, Tuesday, April 17th, 8 pm, Powers Hall, Broyhill Inn
    • Title of Talk: Understanding Muslims and the Future of the New Middle East                    
  • Barbara Martinez Jitner, February 15th, 8 pm Farthing Auditorium
    • Title of Talk: On the Border of a New America: Wall of Shadows

Spring 2008

  • Gloria Steinem - "The Progression of Feminism"

Fall 2008

  • Eugenie Scott - "Why Darwin Matters"

  • Jay Hosler - "Comic Books, Darwin and the “E” Word"

  • John Haught - "Evolution and Faith: What is at Stake?"

  • Ken Miller -  "Is Evolution “Only a Theory?”: Charles Darwin and the Design of Life"

  • Janet Browne -  "Commemorating Darwin: 1809-2008: A History of Prior Darwin Celebrations"

Spring 2009

  • Edward Larson  - "The Scopes Trial in History and the Theater"

  • Michael Ruse - "Darwin at Two Hundred Years Old: Does He Still Speak to Us?"

  • James Costa - "Charles Darwin and the Origin of the Origin"

  • Sean Carroll - "Into the Jungle: The Epic Search for the Origins of Species and the Discoveries that Forged a Revolution"

  • Paul Ewald - "Darwinian Insights into the Causes and Prevention of Cancer"

  • Jonathan Weiner - "The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution in Our Time"

  • Elisabeth Lloyd - "Darwinian Evolution and the Female Orgasm: Explanations and Puzzles"

  • Niles Eldredge - "Darwin, the Beagle, and the Origin of Modern Evolutionary Biology"

Fall 2009

  • Due to budget restrictions, there were no speakers this semester.

Spring 2010

  • Peter Bergen - "Osama’s War: Global Terrorism and the Urgency for a Stable Afghanistan"
  • Harold Holzer - "Why Lincoln Matters–To History, To Our Presidents, and Us"

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